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Products To Please Your Canine

At Henna’s Happy Hounds we do all that we can to make your dog happy. In addition to offering our wide range of professional grooming services, we stock a range of products to help make your dog’s life enjoyable.

Animology Award Winning Shampoos, Conditioners & Sprays

Animology Dog shampoo, conditioner and coat sprays

The principle of the Animology range of shampoos and sprays is simple; top quality grooming products that deliver excellent results that are sold at affordable prices. Animology products are used by and recommended by professional groomers, but you don’t need to be a professional groomer to recognise the results Animology products deliver. An Animology dog's coat looks, feels and smells incredible – once your dog has been washed in Animology you’ll never want him, or her, to be to be washed in your old shampoo again.

Animology Shampoos & Conditioners

With Animology ready-to-use shampoo and conditioner every dog owner can continue the salon-quality product when bathing their dog.  This specialist range offers a specific shampoo type to suit yours dog's colour and style, including specialist white coat, black coat, puppy, sensitive and even one to remove fox poo after the dog has been rolling around in it!  The pawfect range of shampoos to suit any dog.

Animology Sprays

Your dog’s coat will look, feel and smell incredible when you use one of these excellent Animology finishing sprays. Each spray will enhance and protect your dog’s coat while making your dog look, feel and smell simply wonderful.



Precious Pets Luxury  Conditioning ShampooPrecious Pets luxury dog shampoos

Precious Pets luxury conditioning shampoos are made to human grade quality from naturally derived ingredients, right here in the UK. They contain no sulphates or parabens and won’t strip the natural oils of the coat or skin.

  • 2 in 1 Luxury Dog Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Naturally Derived and Scented with a Light & Elegant Essential Oil Blend
  • British Lovingly Produced Entirely in the UK
  • Suitable for Sensitive Skin and Puppies Low Lather, No Tears Formula
  • Extra Long Lasting!

Designed to enhance the natural qualities of the coat, these shampoos cleanse, condition and moisturise. They are scented with signature blends of essential oils. They are also highly concentrated, lasting longer than other brands.

The shampoo range is deemed so outstanding the founder even received a letter of acknowledgement from her Majesty the Queen.



Canagan – Britain’s Finest Grain-Free Dog Food

Canagan grain-free dog food

A food with the correct ratio of meat protein and fat to carbohydrate and a much higher meat content than most and grain free to aid digestion. Grains such as corn, wheat and barley have been linked with canine allergies, with symptoms ranging from upset stomach to itchy flaky coat. Even if your pet has no allergies, these grains are significantly less digestible and have limited nutritional value when compared to meat, yet, they are present in the majority of pet foods.

What really sets Canagan apart is the quality of the meat and fish that is used in the food. As dogs are carnivores they can more readily get nutrition from meat sources, so the chosen meat is wholesome, delicious with plenty of nutritional benefits. Available in a range of flavours, Chicken, Salmon, Country Game, Sweet Potato, Marigold Cranberry & Camomile, Seaweed.


Symply – Adult Lamb & Rice

Symply dog food for healthy skin and coat

A complete and balanced food for dogs. Feed Symply Lamb & Rice dog food for a healthier skin and coat.

Suitable for all breeds of adult dogs, particularly dogs with skin and coat problems.







WOOF&BREW Teas & Tonics

Woof and Brew Teas and tonics for dogsWhen they feel a little weary,
a cup'll make them cheery,
because everything stops for tea!

WOOF&BREW’s range of healthy, herbal blends (for dogs) is a complimentary pet food, created and blended to support your dog’s specific needs. The blends are veterinary approved as safe and the herbs used are left intact, rather than ground, to provide optimum nutritional benefits. Bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals WOOF&BREW’s specialised blends are now available in both a doggy tea bag and a ready-made tonic format.



PICCOLO Handcrafted Specialist Nutrition for Small Dogs

Piccolo dog foodNaturally Tastier

Small dogs have excellent taste and there’s only really one way to make dog food tastier... lots more meat! Piccalo has the tastiest cuts of meat, mixed with a little sweet potato and selected vegetables, herbs and botanicals all cooked to perfection for your precious one..

Just the right crunch

Some dry foods are too hard for little mouths to munch on. The expert chefs and taste testers (dog & human) work tirelessly to create a kibble that is exactly the right size, with a really satisfying crunch to make Piccolo so absolutely irresistible - they’ll munch every last bite!

A fabulous fur coat!

We work hard to make sure your little ones look their best.... Picclo have included high levels of zinc and the optimum ratio of Omega 3 & 6 to keep their coat looking fabulous, and their skin healthy.


Home Made Treats

From biscuits to cakes, and more! We stock a range of home-made dog treats, our own dogs love them and yours will too.

Our range of treats is constantly changing, because I really do bake them myself – which means I know every ingredient that has gone into them. If your dog has special dietary needs or allergies then call in and have a chat with me, we can bake some treats that they will love and won’t upset his tummy.


Hand Crafted Collars, Leads and Toys

We have a range of hand crafted collars, leads, harnesses, coats and soft toys. 

Come in and take a look at these exclusive items.  If you can't find what you're looking for, or the colour that you want, ask us to make it for you!